Welcome to Bradley Allen

Bradley Allen is a men's clothing company that specializes in dress apparel for muscular builds. We understand that extraordinary physiques require extraordinary design. Our apparel is stylish, yet professional, and designed to comfortably fit your muscular build without a trip to the tailor.

Let us be your wardrobe for your after-gym lifestyle.

If you are in the Denver area and would like to visit our showroom in person and try on our apparel, you can schedule an appointment!


I like the Bradley Allen Polo because it fits how it is supposed to fit. It’s not too tight on my shoulders but still shows them off, tapered at the waist and it doesn’t feel too short or too long on the length. Just the right fit!

Blake A.

I’m the Director of Business Development for a medical staffing company and my Bradley Allen dress shirt is quite literally the closest fit I have had to shirts I had custom-tailored for me years ago, but at half the price. They truly fit from cuff to collar, to waist, but they do so in a classic style that looks as stylish for an evening out as they do elegant and classy for a business meeting.

Tony B.

So happy to find a quality shirt that fits without having to go to a tailor. Thank you Bradley Allen!

Tim S.