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Bradley Allen is a men's clothing company that specializes in dress apparel for muscular builds. We understand that extraordinary physiques require extraordinary design. Our apparel is stylish, yet professional, and designed to comfortably fit your muscular build without a trip to the tailor.

Let us be your wardrobe for your after-gym lifestyle.

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  • Bradley Allen dress shirts

    Our dress shirts compliment your physique while achieving a comfortable and tailored fit. Taking you from the boardroom to an evening out on the town, Bradley Allen dress shirts are timeless and distinguished.


  • Bradley Allen dress pants

    Our dress pants are engineered for a muscular build and are specifically designed to fit larger thighs, calves, and glutes. Featuring an adjustable waistband that accommodates waist fluctuations up to four pant sizes.


  • Bradley Allen polo shirts

    Our Bradley Allen polo shirts use a V-tapered design to fit your built shoulders and chest while narrowing toward the waist to accentuate your form. Our polo shirts are great for casual wear or dress it up and take it out on the town.


  • Bradley Allen signature hats

    Our Bradley Allen signature hat is perfect to throw on when you're heading out the door. We've just restocked with our black trucker hat! These are limited edition so get yours before they sell out!


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Why does former NFL wide receiver Pierre Garcon wear Bradley Allen?

  • Men's Health

    Once a bodybuilder steps outside of the gym, what exactly should they wear, especially if they're heading anywhere with a more formal dress code? Do they have any options that aren't made by Nike or Under Armour?

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  • Muscle Insider

    The more you succeed at building muscle, the worse your dress clothes fit. Custom-tailored shirts cost a fortune but now you can look great with Bradley Allen physique tailored apparel.

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  • US Weekly

    Father's Day Gift Guide:

    No more struggling to find apparel that fits muscular and athletic builds, thanks to Bradley Allen’s dress shirts, built specifically for those body types. $90

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The story behind Bradley Allen