Bradley Allen Style tips: How to dress the muscular build.

The Fashionable Bodybuilder: 10 Valuable Pieces of Male Fashion Advice

You've worked hard for your physique. Spent hours in the gym and dedicated yourself to a diet for a body you're proud of. But now, finding clothes to fit your muscular build is proving to be difficult.

The clothes found off-the-rack at the mall or in your average online store are not designed to fit an athletic build. When your chest and shoulders are much larger than your waist and your thighs are formidable, some styles look better than others on your build. But what does look best on your muscular frame?

Here are ten valuable male fashion advice tips that all bodybuilders need to know to look their absolute best!

1. Male Fashion Advice: Tailor Your Clothes

Clothing made for the average body type does not follow the lines of the bodybuilder's physique. The athletic build has a large chest and shoulders while the waist is smaller. To fit these large shoulders, you may need an XL or XXL shirt but this will leave an unflattering billow of fabric through the waist.

The same issues happen with dress pants and jeans. To accommodate muscular glutes and quads, most men need to size up their pant waist size. This creates a sloppy look when the pants don't fit correctly and makes wearing a belt absolutely necessary.

Chose your clothing so it fits your largest feature correctly and get the item tailored so it features your body. This is one of the most key style tips for a male wardrobe. Getting your clothes tailored is the secret of the best-dressed men you know!

2. Color Match

Men with bigger frames are often told to avoid patterns and colors because their bodies don't need to draw more attention. While neutrals do look great on everyone, adding a splash of color with a tailored blue shirt will add sophistication and style to your look. Keeping a neutral base and adding a touch of color keeps your wardrobe fresh and on-trend.

The fashionable man's closet will include wardrobe essentials of slate grey, black, white, and browns. Clothes for bodybuilders should also incorporate some color to add personality to these basics. Adding royal purples, blues, and dark greens to a classic look can greatly enhance male fashion.

3. Chose Minimal Layers

When a bodybuilder wears thick, chunky layers it can give the impression of unflattering bulkiness rather than showing off nice, round muscles. Knits and outwear should be kept light. Avoid loading up on scarves, sweaters, and hoodies in the winter and instead focus on thin layers and a well-fitting jacket.

Cashmere, Merino wool, and performance fleece are some options that provide warmth while not adding bulk to your frame.

4. Chose Smooth Textures

For similar reasons as choosing minimal layers, smooth textures also enhance the bodybuilder's physique. Fashion items should lay flat against the skin, not adding bulk with thick wool or textures.

Because an athletic build has rounded muscles that sit out nicely, especially after a pump, clothing needs to be lightweight. Bulky fabrics tend to bunch around muscles and hide the shape you've worked so hard to build.

5. Avoid "Slim Fit"

The trendy slim-fit of today's fashion is not a bodybuilder's friend. Slim fit styles are cut to enhance a lanky body type. Any shirt or pants that are labeled slim fit will not be cut generously enough to fit around a muscular chest or legs.

You will end up sizing up ito fit into this style of clothes. Bodybuilders that squeeze into slim fit often experience a pant tear through the seat or thighs. Or, they are unable to button up a dress shirt all the way.

6. Stylish Shirt Cuts

The way a shirt neckline is cut will greatly enhance the look of a muscular chest. V-necks enhance the lines of pecs and traps, while a rounded baseball t-shirt draws the eye to the shoulders.

A classic polo is easily dressed up or down and is essential to every stylish men's wardrobe. The collar and v-neck of the buttons draw the eye to one of the best features of a bodybuilder.

7. Create Balance

The muscular frame of a bodybuilder requires balance in the wardrobe. The wrong cut of clothes will throw off the proportions you've worked so hard to build.

For men with a larger chest, they must balance their overall look with wider pants. Avoid a skinny cut of pants so the body doesn't appear top-heavy. Pants that have some give and fabric flow will balance the silhouette.

For men with larger legs and glutes, balancing the top with a patterned shirt or a relaxed fit top will even out their proportions.

8. Add Stripes

Adding stripes to your wardrobe will also help with balancing proportions. Vertical stripes add length, while horizontal stripes add width. Patterned fabric, like plaid or check, also adds width.

For very tall men, a horizontal striped top can balance their height and width. Or, for men who have thicker legs and want to appear longer through the waist, wearing a vertically striped shirt will add to this effect.

9. Don't Forget About Footwear

Great shoes are essential for pulling together a great wardrobe. For me with a heavier build, their shoes need to be heavier in construction. Delicate soled footwear throws the proportions off a silhouette.

Leather boots, Oxfords, Loafers, and sneakers with a thicker sole are all recommended for the bodybuilder's wardrobe essentials.

10. Match Accessories

One neglected style tip that many men don't take into account is matching their accessories to their outfits. The color and pattern of your socks, tie, and belt will affect the overall styling of your look. A tie that is too skinny looks odd on a broad chest.

Most men realize their belt needs to match the color of their shoes, but fail to match their socks as well. Matching sock color to shoe color creates a lengthening effect, something thick legs can benefit from.

Shop for a Muscular Fit

The best male fashion advice for men with a muscular build is to shop for clothes specifically designed for their bodies. Bradly Allen makes ready-to-wear wardrobe staples designed for a bodybuilder's physique.

Check out our sizing guide today to find versatile clothes that fit your body and make you look your best!


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