The timeless polo shirt

The timeless polo shirt

Written by Micaela Giulianelli Cone
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Have you ever wondered what the little black dress for men might be? Why, polo shirts.  You know, the ubiquitous shape-shifting, short-sleeve wonder-shirt that the average male can pair with just about anything, or can wear with nothing at all. Golf shirt? Yes. Lounging by the pool? Sure. Best Man in your step brother’s wedding? You bet! Riding around on a horse batting a ball with a wooden mallet — of course! Polo shirts have been a classic for decades for good reason. A man can pair their polo shirt with an impressive variety of complementary items , changing the degree of sophistication they would like to portray, anywhere from hung-over frat boy (with popped up collar) to Fortune 500 CEO (collar down).  

With a polo shirt, a man has the option to pair it with complementary slacks and a classic leather belt to give off the quintessential look of a sophisticated gentleman. The collar on a polo shirt serves an essential role, portraying the classic look of a polo shirt, as collars have been a symbol of class for hundreds of years. Unlike dress shirts, polo shirts are generally made of polyester and cotton allowing for a sophisticated look, while staying comfortable. When dressing in the classic polo, a man does not need to sacrifice comfort over style. In a word:  versatility. 

The versatility of a polo shirt doesn’t stop at sophistication and comfort, they can also portray a casual, yet stylish look. A man can pair a polo shirt with a pair of casual shorts and informal shoes to create the perfect casual and comfortable look. The perfect look for a barbecue around the block! The short sleeves on a polo shirt contribute to their comfort as well as short sleeves are perfect for any weather condition. In the summer a man can wear this style alone and stay cool, or in the winter one can pair it with a casual or sophisticated jacket. 

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