Bradley Allen Style Tips 2019

How To Accessorize a Dress Shirt

By: Lauren Wells

A dress shirt is a classic, versatile asset to any man’s wardrobe. This piece of apparel is unique because of its timeless, clean lines and how it easily adapts to accessories and thoughtful styling. However, it can be difficult to pair a dress shirt with the appropriate accents for different events.

Eye-Catching Details

Need to arrive on scene looking like a badass? A nice pair of sunglasses are not only convenient, but can be a statement piece as well. Avoid the tacky baseball sunglasses adorned by one too many dads and instead choose a flattering, sleek pair. A trendy pair of glasses can also convey an intelligent look while adding a chic new dimension to your outfit.

Watch Out

When it comes to jewelry, less is more. It’s better to have one or two simple, cohesive pieces than an overwhelming combination of flashy accessories. A more modest watch can be paired with a plain leather bracelet. In contrast, a bejeweled bracelet makes a statement on its own.

Tie it all Together

Bowties and ties are typically work best for more formal venues. When wearing a busy patterned shirt, pair it with a monochromatic tie and vise versa. While ties are a classy accessory, they can sometimes come across as stiff. On the other hand, bowties can bring a youthful aesthetic to your wardrobe.

Michael Kors once said that accessories are the exclamation point of an outfit. With these tips and tricks, styling your dress shirt this spring will be a breeze.

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