Interview with Matt Welbourn

A man’s wardrobe needs to have an array of various outfits. To some, dress clothes may seem like a waste of closet space however, almost everyone will run into an occasion where you have to clean up or dress fancier than usual. For example weddings, funerals, dates, or job interviews, whatever the case may be gym rats and bodybuilders can’t wear gym clothes to everything! 

Now, if you have more of a muscular build you might find it difficult to find dress clothes that fit. This can give you even less of a motivation to dress formally, but don’t worry Bradley Allen apparel makes sure you look just as good as you do in the gym.

We had the opportunity of interviewing Matt Welbourn, a contestant on the Rock’s “The Titan Games” and featured in Men’s Health Magazine. Here’s how it went!

What is your normal day to day attire?

My typical normal day attire is very casual — jeans and a nice t-shirt or sweater if it’s colder and I’m going out in public.  Otherwise, it’s almost always gym clothing — sweats/shorts and a tank top!

Matt Welbourn

Matt Welbourn in his go-to gym attire

How much effort/time do you put in your look?

It depends on the occasion.  If I’m just going out and about, I put in enough effort to look nice but it definitely doesn’t take much time.  If it’s a more formal occasion then it definitely takes a little time to get ready.

How important is fashion to you? 

I think fashion is extremely important.  How you choose to present yourself makes a big impression on people.  I definitely am laid back and easy going — but it’s always important to look your best!

Matt Welbourn

In our new grey Bradley Allen dress shirt

Who inspires your look? 

I think the big inspiration for fashion right now for muscular men has to be Dwayne Johnson.  He’s a monster but consistently turns heads with his style. 

Why do you choose Bradley Allen as your go-to Dress shirt?

Bradley Allen is my go to dress shirt because it’s designed to fit my proportions.  Bradley Allen is one of the few companies I’ve come across that makes clothing that not only fits great and is comfortable but also looks amazing too!

Matt Welbourn in his Bradley Allen

Matt Welbourn in his black Bradley Allen

When/Why did you start working out?

I started working out around 12 years of age?  I had an older brother that was very into weight training that got me into it.  My father was also an Olympic athlete, so he was always an example to us growing up.  I became hooked pretty quickly with weight training when the benefits started to show with my athletic performance. 

Matt Welbourn

Matt Welbourn in beast mode

What do you do for fun? 

Any form of exercise really — but I play a lot of tennis/ping pong — especially now that the weather is getting nicer.

What is your cheat meal? 

Pizza — almost always it’s pizza.

What is your morning routine? 

Wake up.  Let my dog out and play with her for a bit while I’m eating breakfast.  Shower — then out the door!

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