Men's Fall Fashion Trends

Men’s fall fashion trends
By Amayas Gonzales 

Finally autumn, layering and beautiful coats are on the rise and we are excited. Although I am not a man, these trends are popping up in streetwear, GUCCI and even Hermès. I am so excited to see more color in men’s fashion, as it is usually brown and black but we are now seeing bright plaids, yellow pants and shiny cowboy boots. This is a list of the most popular trends around the world.

1) Plaid Everything

Plaid is the pattern you want and need for the Fall season. It was showcased on multiple runways, the most memorable being Versace. We saw plaid pants, shirts and bags. These pieces can be worn as a pop of color or as an accent to even more color.

2) Colorful Denim

Red.Yellow. Blue. Black. Overalls, Coveralls, chicos, corduroy, skirts and even jackets. Colorful denim is so in right now, especially paired with an extra long belt and chunky shoes. This trend is definitely more stylized in streetwear and for giving a pop of color to any outfit.

Bradley Allen photos by Lynn Nguyen

Bradley Allen photos by Lynn Nguyen

3) Doc Martens

Black, Simple and Iconic, Doc Martens are a must for the fall season.

4) Vest (every pattern and style)

Vest are the perfect under-piece and layering option. Especially vest with fringe or a textured fabric are perfect for a pop of individuality.

5) Cowboy Boots (make sure they are heeled)

Literally such a fashion statement. Especially when shiny and bright, cowboy boots paired with a monochrome look make a beautiful juxtaposition. Cowboy boots are always heeled, but the higher the better.

Founder of Bradley Allen, Dr. Brad Poppie, wearing his favorite cowboy boots.

Founder of Bradley Allen, Dr. Brad Poppie, wearing his favorite cowboy boots.

6) Oversized Coats

This will always be a need for fall fashion. We have been seeing oversize blazers and faux fur as beautiful pieces for simple looks or for extravagant looks as well.

7) Ugly Sweaters (90’s Grandpa realness)

Ugly Sweaters. Oversized. Cropped. All ugly sweaters are needed to be brought back for either a grungy or sophisticated look. Pair with Demonias, ripped jeans, chains, sunglasses, one earring and red eyeshadow for a grunge look. Or pair with tight black jeans, hiking boots, an oversized belt, tons of rings and small hoop earrings for a simple but sophisticated look.

8) Tracksuits- Velvet is the only way

Velvet tracksuits were an iconic look in the 90s, but are making a beautiful comeback. I love seeing them paired with a chunky sneaker, white tank top, chains, rings and a beanie.

9) One Earring

This has been a huge trend in Japanese and Korean fashion, but has finally transferred to other places. It is such a look with small hoops that have chains or small charms attached. It makes a look just that much more there.

10) Hiking Boots…Luxury?

Hiking boots made an appearance on the GUCCI runway, once they launched fashion influencers were all over them and had a desire to have them in their closet. Bedazzled, over the top and decorated hiking boots are a for sure go to this fall season. They are a perfect statement piece or an amazing accessory to even more colorful out there looks.

Article on Mens Hiking Boots Fashion featured in Libaifoundation.Org

These are only 10 trends of hundreds that we will be seeing in street fashion around the world this fall and winter season. This year is really about embracing all pieces of fashion and combining them for the most out there looks or the most sophisticated. Hopefully we will see these trends around Denver as they are perfect for our fall weather.

Amayas Gonzales is our Bradley Allen fall intern and covers all things fashionable. We look forward to seeing Amayas flourish with their unique blend of style and art!

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