Sedric's new pants

Sedric is one of our Bradley Allen models. He works as a banker and in his career and lifestyle, enjoys getting dressed up.

One evening, Sedric and I headed out to a fashion event at a new men’s boutique in downtown Denver, and as he bent over to duck under a hand-railing, there it was… we both heard it…. rrrrrrriiiiiiippppppp… His massive muscular thighs and glutes had totally caused a blowout in his dress pants. For the rest of the night, he had to walk with a precarious gait.

This is EXACTLY why we have designed our new Bradley Allen pant line…to fit larger thighs, calves and glutes.

More about the pants:

Bradley Allen Physique Tailored Dress pants are engineered to fit larger thighs, calves and glutes. The dress pants feature an adjustable waistband accommodating waist fluctuations up to four pant sizes. Other features include:

  • Custom-fit. All dress pants are unhemmed and are ready to be custom-fitted to individual length.
  • Custom Tailoring. Bradley Allen offers $12 in-house hemming with a two week turnaround time. Customers can also purchase the pants online as-is for tailoring.
  • Easy Care. The blend of fabrics makes the pants easy to self-maintain at home, or customers can also choose to have the pants dry cleaned.
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