Turning Eye Candy into Arm Candy

By: Lauren Wells

How to Help Your Man Look His Best

Look good feel good. Women can attest to the power of a good outfit. Looking put together can boost your confidence to tackle the day. On the other hand, when you dress somewhere between casual and disheveled, it is easy to let the comfort lessen your motivation and productivity. Men, especially those with muscular builds, should have the opportunity to experience the same sort of confidence.

Photographer: Kristen Christian
Models: Gail Rotante & Bill Burger

The problem is, extraordinary physiques require extraordinary design. When it comes to dress wear, we don’t want the important men in our lives to settle for baggy shirts, expensive tailoring, or easily ripped fabric. After all, these men will be on our arms when attending events. They need clothes that accentuate their best features in a professional, stylish manner. But where can you find such quality clothing for your man? Fear not, Bradley Allen has the perfect solution.

Currently, the retail industry offers a limited and discouraging selection of dress apparel for the muscular market. Bradley Allen provides shirts constructed with design features like underarm gussets and torso and forearm darts to create a tailored, flattering fit.

Photographer: Kristen Christian
Models: Evan & Luke Chase

Unique Design Features

The underarm gusset eliminates tightness and minimizes pulling. Torso darts provide a tapered look and are easily removed if extra room is needed. Additionally, the forearm darts allow for effortless cuff rolling. As the brand expands into a wider variety of dress clothes, including polos and pants, Bradley Allen aspires to become the authority in fitness dress apparel.

Photographer: Kristen Christian
Models: Gail Rotante & Bill Burger

The company’s founder is not only a successful author, educator, and entrepreneur, but a body builder as well. His expertise in this area allows him to understand the need for professional clothing that showcases all the hard work that goes into creating an athletic physique. Bradley Allen was started with the goal of revolutionizing fitness apparel by creating clothes that make men feel confident. There is no better way to show your man that you recognize all his efforts than by giving him a shirt that displays his not only his best look, but his best self.


Visit the Bradley Allen website and social media to check out the apparel and to stay up to date with the latest deals, trends, and new releases.

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