Valentine's Day Guide

By: Lauren Wells

Present Your Gent with the Perfect Gift

Bradley Allen Apparel Valentine's gift guide

Socks? Tools? Alcohol? The first few things that come to mind when thinking of good gifts for men are generic and overdone. How can you find your man a uniquely personal present that he’ll actually enjoy? A beautifully tailored Bradley Allen dress shirt makes for a wonderful gift that will tastefully highlight your significant other’s best features. The garments in this line are versatile as well, which allows men to express their individuality through styling within different outfits.

What should you pair with this great gift? Some uncommon but not uncool gift ideas include:

Beard Trimmers

The last thing you want to worry about is an unruly beard getting in the way of a good Valentine’s Day kiss. Help your man to keep his facial hair neat and tidy with some beard trimming tools. Consider a trimming mat to place over the sink to minimize the mess. Another good option to check out is a product called a Groomarang. This uniquely shaped grooming tool allows men to style and shape their facial hair from a variety of angles.

Drinking Paraphernalia

Interesting drinking glasses make for great conversation starters at any party or gathering. There’s a wide array of options depending on your significant other’s interests and style. There are glasses with sand-etched latitude and longitude coordinates, glasses with maps of the world designed on them, and even drinking glasses shaped like dumbbells. Also, chilling stones are another nifty gift idea. Sea stone whiskey chilling stones help keep drinks cold without diluting the flavor. If chilling stones aren’t cool enough, you can purchase stainless steel bullet-shaped chilling devices.


A fun way to accessorize a Bradley Allen shirt is to wear a watch. However, watch shopping can be expensive and intimidating. To avoid the pressure, check out a few reasonably-priced brands for men’s watches. Both Fossil and MVMT offer a variety of stylish watches at prices between $60-$300.

Dress to Impress

Fancy Schmancy

Going out to a nice restaurant or bar this Valentine’s Day? Wear your Bradley Allen dress shirt under a monochromatic suit. This can be styled with longer, dressier coats. Long dress coats are slimming, stylish, and add dimension to an outfit. A coat like this also looks great with a sweater and some slacks.

Casual Outing

Headed to a baseball game? Concert? Casual meal? One trend that has made a mark this past year in men’s fashion is dad jeans. That’s right, looser, worn jeans have made a comeback not only for moms, but dads too. Wear your dress shirt tucked in with a belt or loose with sneakers. Be careful though, this is not an opportunity to break out your gym shoes or some beaten up pair of dad shoes to match your dad jeans. Instead, wear a converse-like shoe, canvas sneaker, or a stylish ankle boot. Rolling the cuffs of your jeans offers a more youthful aesthetic as well.

Take a look at this article about dad jeans and other fashion trends on the rise for 2019.


When you’re looking for an outfit balanced between formal and casual, try one of these ideas. Rock your white dress shirt under a brown or black leather jacket with a nice pair of jeans. Another option is to wear a dress shirt under a tight, fitted sweater or bigger cardigan. Wearing a dress shirt with a more laid-back blazer and non-ripped jeans or khakis also gives a causal vibe.


With these tips and tricks, Valentine’s Day will be a breeze! But remember, although it’s fun to dress up and exchange presents, the most important part of the holiday should be spending quality time with the person you love.

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