About Bradley Allen

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Bradley Allen is a men’s clothing company that specializes in dress apparel for the muscular build. We provide comfortable, upscale yet affordable dress shirts with design features that provide a tailored and polished fit. We are revolutionizing the fitness apparel industry by providing stylish and well fitting dress shirts to the athletes that don’t typically fit into standard dress-wear.


At Bradley Allen, our vision is to transform the way that bodybuilders and muscular men wear their clothing. Rather than settling for baggy shirts or expensive tailoring, we foresee a world where every man has a quality, ready-to-wear, dress shirt that he feels great in no matter how big his biceps are. With innovations including pants and other vital dress apparel items in the works, we see Bradley Allen becoming the authority in fitness dress apparel.

The Inspiration

The current retail industry provides limited dress apparel options for fitting the muscular physique. That’s where Bradley Allen comes in. We understand that extraordinary physiques’ require extraordinary design. Our dress shirts are stylish, yet professional, and designed to comfortably fit your muscular build.

As a bodybuilder himself, the company’s founder understands that after all of the hours you put in perfecting your physique, you want to look just as good dressed up, as you do in the gym. The designers at Bradley Allen take the guess work out of fitting into dress apparel. We offer an easy measurement guide to ensure that your shirt will fit you right where you need it for that tailored look you desire.

When you are dressed in your authentic Bradley Allen, you’ll be able to step out in confidence, giving you the momentum to take on your day.

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