Dylan Armbrust, Owner of Armbrust Gym

Dylan Armbrust, Training

Dylan Armbrust is a customer and friend of Bradley Allen Apparel. So, we conducted a few interview questions for Dylan to learn more about his business and how bodybuilding has transformed his life.

The Interview

Dylan Armbrust has always dreamed of owning and operating his own gym since he was a young boy. In 2008, Dylan had the opportunity to open up his own gym. Armbrust took a chance on himself and went for it. He faced many challenges along the way and still faces some today but “that’s livin’’.

Being a business man has transformed Dylan’s life. He has been able to combine his passion for fitness and entrepreneurship to create both a highly successful gym and a thriving podcast. When asked about the negatives and positives of owning a gym, he explained that “the negatives are always described as positives at first.” Fixing the problems he faces can be a pain is the a** at times, he just had to learn how to manage it all. The positives for him are that he gets to work at a place he loves every day.

Dylan Armbrust, Podcast

Dylan Armbrust got into bodybuilding when he was 15 years old. Bodybuilding was very popular in the 1980’s. He fell in love with it, and has stuck with it ever since. Dylan loves being in the gym. Even though he is there everyday to work, he still takes the time to work on his physique. When he first began his fitness journey and started to see the transformation of his body, he wanted to continue to see how he would “measure up.” While in the gym, Dylan is very driven, and focused, he has a very positive drive. While he is working, he is friendly and positive, “gym atmosphere is everything, when owning a business you set the tone for everything!”.

When Dylan goes to dinner or out for the night, he loves to dress very casual. He likes to feel good about what he is wearing but feel comfortable as well, “Bradley Allen gives me exactly that!”. His body type is very athletic and muscular but Bradley Allen Apparel fits his body type very comfortably.