Bradley Allen

Fit and Features


Our Bradley Allen underarm gussets, torso and forearm darts give each dress shirt a tailored and perfect fit.

All darts can be easily removed if more room is desired in the waistline or forearm region.


At Bradley Allen, we understand how hard it can be to fit dress clothes on muscular bodies. We have spent countless hours on research and development to create a sizing chart specific to your body.

To ensure the best fit, take all measurements flexed. If you fall between sizes, the larger of the two sizes will fit you more comfortably, while the smaller will give you a slim fit.

Collar Sizes

Middle Weight – 16.5″ 
Light Heavy Weight – 17.5″ 
Heavy Weight – 18.5″ 
Super Heavy Weight – 19.5″

Sleeve Length

Middle Weight – 36″ 
Light Heavy Weight – 36″ 
Heavy Weight – 38″ 
Super Heavy Weight – 38 5/8″

Sleeve Length measured from center back to edge of cuff.
Need extra room in the collar? Check out our Collar Extenders!

Bradley Allen Style

Take a look inside the world of Bradley Allen physique tailored apparel.

Bradley Allen Fit

Get the scoop on how Bradley Allen engineers clothes to fit your build.