It’s funny how sometimes when I go to the gym, I just throw on a t-shirt and shorts and off I go – not really caring how I look because I’m there to work out and not pick up women. But the other day, I decided to wear a tank top and some new shorts I had just bought. It was very interesting to see the difference in attention that I got from women purely based on what I decided to wear. That difference stemmed from showing off my physique which helped define my image.

When you hear the quotes, “dress to impress”, or “you only have one shot to make a first impression”, what comes to mind? You typically associate these quotes with a business interview or going out on a date. But it’s equally as important to dress appropriately for these types of occasions as it is to portray your image at the gym.

For many years, gym attire was boring and unflattering. Today, gym attire has redefined sexiness and is designed to accentuate your hard earned muscles. What you select to wear can either make or break your image in the gym. When you wear something that looks good, you feel good, and others can see that as well.

The same is true for dress apparel. For years, and even today, dress shirts are made for the masses and therefore don’t adhere to the shape of your body. These shirts hide your hard earned physique because they aren’t made for your physique.

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry over the image you have in the gym to going out on a date, wedding, board meeting; etc?  You deserve to feel confident in your dress clothes just as you do in your workout apparel.

The question is then, “if a great image is important, why is it so hard to carry that same image over from the gym to your personal life?” I think that most bodybuilders have come to the drab conclusion that dress shirts just won’t fit, so they don’t even bother to care about their image when they get dressed up and thus buy an ill-fitting dress shirt.

Well, I’m here to say, that if you have this mentality, you are doing yourself and your physique a huge disservice.

Authentic Bradley Allen dress shirts have paved the way for dress-wear for the guys that have muscles and a large drop from their shoulders to their waist. The image and confidence that you get from strutting around in your Bradley Allen ensure that you will look as good dressed up and ready to hit the town as you do in the gym.

It’s important not to undermine the image you portray with your apparel selection for these types of events just as much as it is for defining your image at the gym. And it goes both ways, while you need to dress appropriately for these occasions, you can’t undermine the image you portray with your apparel selection for the gym. Easily transform from A to B in your Authentic Bradley Allen. A dress shirt that fits your build, and makes you stand out.