37% of Bodybuilders skip leg day.  Now you don’t have to!

Grueling leg days are often dreaded. But if they’re not, you’re doing them wrong. Dumbbell lunges, squats, leg presses, those extraneous sets are the yellow brick road to “shredville”. And what about that date you have tonight with your girl?  You need some new pants.  Are your quads busting out the seams? Are you minimized in excess and baggy material? If you plan on wearing anything other than sweats, I guarantee the waist is 4 or more sizes too big.  

Don’t skip leg day because of your date. Don’t let your clothes affect your confidence. I’ve been there, trust me.

Myself as well as my friends have all struggled, and continue to struggle with finding dress clothes to fit our massive quads.  That’s why I’ve had my design team dive deep into the body building world, and gather statistics and analysis of the body builders’ anatomy to fully understand needs of our athletic physique. The goal? To eliminate the struggle.  

But we’re not stopping with dress shirts. You need more than that. We don’t want you guys walking around with your upper body looking nails in your Bradley Allen dress shirt while your size 40 pants are cinched up at your 30inch waist. That’s why our design specialists are working on Bradley Allen dress pants.

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Bodybuilder Michael Lee wearing our Bradley Allen Dress Pants Prototype with myself (Bradley Allen Poppie), and our designer Holli in Denver

These pants are specifically designed, as our shirts are, from the real measurements of the bodybuilding community. Your 32-inch waist will have a 32-inch waistband, your quads will be comfortable through the pant leg, and your calves and ankles will not be swimming in excessively baggy fabric. I am so pumped about this design and can’t wait for you to try them on.

As I continue to expand my clothing line, I want to know what you would like to see designed next! Do you want more dress shirt options? If so, what color or pattern? Would you like polo shirts? Jeans? Suits? Belts? Socks? Let me know in the comments!