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Pacers-Pistons Brawl in the stands

Remember that Pacers–Pistons brawl in 2005? You know the one, 45 seconds left in the game, players broke out into a fight, one spectator threw a drink at Ron Artest who then climbed into the stands, escalating the altercation into a massive brawl between many spectators and players. Ultimately nine players were suspended, several with additional criminal charges, and five spectators were charged as well.

This fight was the igniting spark that would completely evolve men’s fashion.  

What do a fight and fashion have to do with each other?

Well, because of the brawl, the NBA faced some image issues. Before 2005, players often wore sweat suits, baggy jeans, do-rags, and other hip-hop inspired attire to and from games, and while on the bench. In an attempt (and a successful one) to revert their image, the NBA implemented a mandatory dress code. Violations resulted in suspensions. Players were not, at first, happy about the dress code, and some such as Allen Iverson were outspoken about their limited self-expression by having to wear a suit and tie. Soon, however, the ever competitive NBA players started competing to see who could dress the best. One player would wear a designer shirt, and at the next game, his rival might wear a designer suit. Many of the players grew to enjoy and even get sponsorships from dressing up. As the heavy hitters like Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, started to wear high-end clothing outside of the games and in the off season, the other players started to as well, so they could show that they were just as valuable as the star players.

Bradley Allen Apparel, men's fashion

Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James

This shift in men’s fashion didn’t stay limited to the NBA, it spread through the NHL, NFL, and even the MLB. Dressing well, especially when presenting oneself to an audience, in show, or in the public eye, has shown to be a very rewarding practice. When all of these players started dressing well, their net worth went up, they were more respected, gained additional sponsors, and their credibility increased both within their sport and outside of it.  

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If that’s not enough to convince you to step up your style game, let me give you 3 more reasons why dressing well will change your life.

  1. Confidence

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Dress to impress”. This phrase is a good example of what happens when you dress well. Whether you are actually impressing others or not, dressing in a way that shows them respect and portrays that you care about your appearance will boost your confidence as well.  If you’re an athlete and have the muscle to show it, don’t hide your hard earned physique behind baggy clothes.

     2. Recognition

By dressing well, especially when in the public eye, you set yourself to be recognized as an authority. If you portray yourself as someone with confidence, it’s likely that you’ll open yourself up to more endorsement opportunities, increased clientele, and you’ll be representing your livelihood as someone who is respectable, approachable, and sharp. You can find many athletes on men’s fashion best-dressed lists, for example, David Beckham (#13) and UFC Champion Conor McGregor (#4) on GQ’s 50 best dressed Men in 2017

     3. Individuality

As many of the NBA players found, dressing well didn’t prohibit the expression of their individual style, but rather, enhanced it. They were able to break out of the stereotypical mold of their profession and background.  By ditching the baggy jeans and sweatsuits that restricted their public image, they were able to branch out into different types, styles, and patterns of clothing that better met their needs, personality, and accentuated their physique. This also brought about additional sponsorships and business endeavors.

Now some, or maybe all, of you might be thinking “This is all well and good, but my body doesn’t fit into dress clothing.” That’s where Bradley Allen comes in. For all of you athletic guys that are huge in the shoulders and small in the waist, Bradley Allen is quite literally made for you. Bradley Allen designed his apparel from YOUR measurements. Through thorough research, trial and error, he made a shirt that fits your body, is stylish, versatile, comfortable, and affordable.

Society is changing, and so has men’s fashion. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. You need every advantage over your opponent if you want to win. Now is the time for you to step up your game. Your image is important and your hard earned body shouldn’t be hidden behind ill-fitting clothing. Boost your confidence, your business, and your success by ordering your authentic Bradley Allen today.