Ambassador: Alison Bosworth

"Don’t take it personal"

Age: 36…37 in a month :)
Instagram: aliannbosworth

What inspired you to jump into the fitness world?

I have alway been active but to push past ‘average’ to the competitive fitness world, I was inspired by friends who had competed and this idea of proving to myself I can accomplish the elusive goal I set 15 years prior (I was first introduced to bodybuilding in college and wanted to compete in figure)

In what level are you involved in the fitness world?

I am an amateur ‘NPC Bikini’ competitor with 2022 being my first season.

How has the fitness world changed your perspective of yourself?

Fitness world gave me the platform to build not only my physical strength but mental strength as well. Before I looked at them as separate pursuits, however while training for my first competition I realized how intertwined the journey really was and developing both allowed me to achieve my short and long term goals. All this to say, my perspective changed simply by learning more about myself, analyzing how my thoughts influence my behaviors, and how to adjust if those behaviors weren’t in line with my goals. I guess the perspective of myself changed that I’m my own superhero and capable of doing the hard things. 

What have been some of the biggest challenges that you’ve faced in fitness?

Mostly being okay with change, relationships changed, boundaries, priorities, even my own reflection. I also learned that these challenges, although hard in the moment to experience, usually brought something ‘better’ into my life. Shifted priorities allowed for better balance and focus on the things that mattered most. Relationships that weren’t the best were replaced with ones with positivity and support either with new people or the old relationship developed into a more positive one.  

What have been some surprising revelations that you’ve encountered?

First revelation- the more disciplined I became the more freedom I discovered rather than feeling limited. Especially when prepping for a competition, from the outside it probably looked restrictive and miserable, but I found the structured workout schedule and menu comforting because it was one less thing to think about- I just had to execute on it. 

Second revelation- how others see you will differ greatly than how you see yourself and that’s okay. I went through two variations of this- one was with people who knew me before I went all in with my fitness journey. I would get comments on how muscular or lean I was (compared to how they remembered me) and I was looking at my body in more of a competitor way knowing how I need to look on stage for a show (more muscle, even leaner) vs. walking around like a normal human. Then how “new” people saw me, and although I can’t say “how they saw” me, I became very aware of how they treat me compared to how I was treated in the past. It’s been a very interesting experience, almost comical but in sad way because it proved how superficial society is and judgements passed simply based on looks. 

What do you do outside of the gym and fitness world? 

I am helping build two businesses-principal partner of one, serve on two boards that focus on helping veterans (one through resources at the county level, other with redefining PTSD through service dogs), play with my two pups, and read (I’m definitely an introvert who loves books).  

How have these 2 worlds come together? 

Back to the discipline & focus required for fitness, naturally spills over into all aspects making me (hopefully) a better business partner, friend, spouse, community activist. 

What are your goals in the next 6 months? 

Fitness: keep building my physique to be a level that will allow me to be more competitive at the national level for the 2023 season

Personal: advance the businesses to a more secure point financially

General: step outside my comfort zone by saying ‘yes’ to opportunities that normally give me pause, probably regarding travel & stages :) 

What are your goals in the next 2 years? 

Fitness: competing at the IFBB pro level

Personal: both businesses are providing substantial & measurable impact within its communities. The non-profit has an endowment fund to ensure long-term support for veterans and service dogs.

General: developed an even stronger, more compassionate mindset to help guide my time here.  

A quote about Bradley Allen’s clothing line

The quality and care behind this line is evident in how well tailored & confident those who wear the clothing look. 

3 things if stranded on a desert island? 

  • Water/insulated water bottle
  • Someone with island survival skills
  • My two dogs, which would technically be 4 things but it’s known, Maggie is my favorite dog-child if I can only pick one!

Give me advice using only 4 words….

"Don’t take it personal"

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Thank you for this opportunity and welcoming me into the Bradley Allen family. I look forward to developing a successful sales program that helps grow the brand. 

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  • Alison Bosworth

    What inspired you to jump into the fitness world?

    I have always been active but to push past ‘average’ to the competitive fitness world, I was inspired by friends who had competed and this idea of proving to myself I can accomplish the elusive goal I set 15 years prior.

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