Ambassador Program

As a bodybuilder or extreme athlete, you know that finding clothing that fits well, specifically dress clothing, can be a huge challenge, expensive, and inconvenient. There are times and places in each of our lives when we need to step our style up from gym attire into something more fitting for the occasion. Think business meetings, weddings, a nice dinner out with the lady. In a dress shirt, you should still look as good as you do on stage. You shouldn’t have to hide your body or feel restricted in baggy or tight-fitting clothes.

Join the Bradley Allen affiliate program!

That’s why we created our authentic Bradley Allen dress apparel line, so that anyone with this body type can look professional and cut in dress clothing that won’t break the bank or require time consuming, custom fittings.

Become an ambassador to share our products and mission with your friends, clients, and community while earning cash with every sale! Everyone deserves to look as good as they do undressed. Become a part of the movement!

-Bradley Allen


  • James Patterson

    What inspired you to jump into the fitness world?

    Seeing my father and his friends compete and the way they shaped their bodies and still pushing heavy weight.

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  • Alison Bosworth

    What inspired you to jump into the fitness world?

    I have always been active but to push past ‘average’ to the competitive fitness world, I was inspired by friends who had competed and this idea of proving to myself I can accomplish the elusive goal I set 15 years prior.

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  • Jarrell Pyro Johnson

    What inspired you to jump into the fitness world? 

    What inspired me to jump in to the fitness world is the same thing that continues to inspire me every day with being in the fitness world and that is the  ability to change and make the ordinary, extraordinary.

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