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At Bradley Allen, we envision a world where muscular men like you don’t have to settle for  baggy shirts or expensive tailoring but enjoy the quality, ready-to-wear, dress apparel that you feel great in—no matter how you built your physique. With innovations in dress shirts, dress pants and polo shirts, we’re disrupting expectations by engineering quality, style, and fit into the convenience of ready-to-wear dress apparel for bodybuilders and muscular men. 

We spent a year measuring different muscular builds and developing our sizing structure. Our sizing is not typical of off the rack apparel. Our sizing charts will help determine what size you are.

Bradley Allen Dress Shirt sizing chart


Bradley Allen Polo Sizing Chart



Bradley Allen Pant Sizing Chart

  • James Patterson

    What inspired you to jump into the fitness world?

    Seeing my father and his friends compete and the way they shaped their bodies and still pushing heavy weight.

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  • Alison Bosworth

    What inspired you to jump into the fitness world?

    I have always been active but to push past ‘average’ to the competitive fitness world, I was inspired by friends who had competed and this idea of proving to myself I can accomplish the elusive goal I set 15 years prior.

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  • Jarrell Pyro Johnson

    What inspired you to jump into the fitness world? 

    What inspired me to jump in to the fitness world is the same thing that continues to inspire me every day with being in the fitness world and that is the  ability to change and make the ordinary, extraordinary.

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