bradley allen, Bradley allen apparel, brad poppie, dr. brad poppie“I have to wear a shirt made for like a 400 pound guy it seems like and it doesn’t look good,” 

“I don’t wear dress shirts much anymore but when I used to wear a shirt and tie frequently I would have issues with the neck being tight, bigger shirts, look a bit sloppy untucked but cheaper than a taylor.”

“Does anyone find that lifting has made it difficult to find a dress shirt that fits and wears well? I find that my shirts tend to feel a little tight around my arms and often rip at the elbow. Not sure if it’s the tension placed on the shirt when sitting at my desk, if I’m just buying the wrong style, or possibly buying crappy shirts, though I’ve tried a wide range of brands and it happens across to board.

From Deviant Art. Art by bear.

These are just a few comments that we’ve found on a variety of body building forums regarding men’s dress shirts. The muscular physique is hard to fit and the resources are limited. With stores like the King Size (the Big and Tall Experts) and Kaufman’s Tall & Big Shop, there really aren’t any stylish men’s stores to buy even the basic necessities.

bradley allen, Bradley allen apparel, brad poppie, dr. brad poppieAs of recently, the tailor is a body builder’s best friend when it comes to style. A tailor can take the square of fabric, also known as a men’s XXXXL shirt and give it a little bit of shape. This can often end up to be a costly expense.

Several years ago, Dr. Brad Poppie, serial entrepreneur, seasoned businessman and body builder, recognized this problem. With his passion for solving problems, Brad began working on the design of dress shirts and pants designed specifically for the bodybuilder physique. Here we are, the birth of Bradley Allen, physique tailored men’s apparel.