Success is born from your style, but what is style? And what’s the difference between style and fashion?

It’s more than just throwing on your favorite tank and shorts, although that’s a part of it.  

Let me explain a little more. 

Fashion: It’s the umbrella of clothing. It’s the sport. Body building, football, golf etc. It’s pretty much just what you wear. Levi’s Jeans. Calle T-shirt. Nike Sweats. It’s anything that can be worn that has a brand.

Style: It’s how you wear something.  The skill.  The play.  Your workout regime.  Combining different elements to achieve a result.  The combination of shirt, tie, pants, and dress shoes,  or sweats, v-neck, and cross trainers.  

What’s the result? The event. The destination.  Your impression.  What you want your clothes to say about you.

Your persona is communicated by your clothing whether you like it or not.  If you show up at a swanky steak house in your sweats, people will subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) size you up, and think something along the lines of: 

“Wow, that guy must’ve just come from the gym.  I hope he doesn’t sit near us, he probably smells”.  

Whereas, if you walked into the restaurant in your nice, button down shirt, slacks, maybe a tie, people will subconsciously think something like:

“Wow, that guy’s ripped! And he’s loaded with class! I should work out more and buy some new clothes so that I can be more like him!”

You see what I’m saying? 

It’s important for you to present yourself well, not only for the day to day or that special event but especially if you’re trying to run your own business or representing someone else’s. You’ll have a hard time networking if you’re unapproachable. The way you dress depicts your success, both professionally and in the gym. 

So now that you know why it’s valuable to dress well, let’s talk about how we can make sure you’re dressed to impress the next time you walk into that swanky steak house (or wedding, or meeting, or date night).

Bradley Allen provides you with three color options for your shirt.  You can literally pair any of the three shirts with any pair of pants (that aren’t sweats).  But what about shoes? Ties? Belt?

Let me break it down

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Style Guide

A tie with any of these looks is optional.  It will obviously make it more formal, so feel free to opt out of the tie if it’s not a formal event.  You can also add a suit coat or a vest, if you have one, to give your ensemble a more personalized look.

Alright, one last thing about implementing your style.

Your style will show through in the optional details.  For example, imagine you’re in a store trying to buy black dress shoes, one pair has laces, the other is a pair of slip-ons.  They both fit exactly the same and are the same price.  Why do you choose one over the other? The answer is because it’s more your style.  Something about the way they look appeals to you more. Every millimeter of both pairs is designed very precisely for someone’s style. You choose one pair and they next guy to come along might pick the other. Start noticing why you gravitate toward certain things and decide if they represent who you are or not. The more you know about your own style, the more cohesive you start to look and the stronger you depict your brand and image.

Bradley Allen lays the foundation for you to look sharp and show your style. Your authentic Bradley Allen will fit your silhouette, eliminating the all the sloppiness you get from a baggy waistline or the tight shoulders of other dress clothes.  No distractions from a bad fit mean people will be able to notice your style in the details.

You are your own brand, and image depicts success, don’t be afraid to show it.