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Bradley Allen at Children’s Miracle Fashion Show

We are thrilled to walk the runway for such a great show! We were part of the inception of this show and to see it roll successfully into the 2nd year is exciting. We are honored to walk the runway for Children's Miracle Night! Second Annual Children’s Miracle Night...

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Bradley Allen Style Tips 2019

How To Accessorize a Dress Shirt By: Lauren Wells A dress shirt is a classic, versatile asset to any man's wardrobe. This piece of apparel is unique because of its timeless, clean lines and how it easily adapts to accessories and thoughtful styling. However, it can be...

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Bradley Allen Model Contest

Spring is right around the corner and with spring comes newness! We are looking for a few fresh faces to be our new faces and bodies of Bradley Allen! If you have the physique to fit the Bradley Allen shirt and want to be part of our spring photoshoot, enter our model...

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Turning Eye Candy into Arm Candy

By: Lauren Wells How to Help Your Man Look His Best Look good feel good. Women can attest to the power of a good outfit. Looking put together can boost your confidence to tackle the day. On the other hand, when you dress somewhere between casual and disheveled, it is...

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Valentine’s Day Guide

By: Lauren Wells Present Your Gent with the Perfect Gift Socks? Tools? Alcohol? The first few things that come to mind when thinking of good gifts for men are generic and overdone. How can you find your man a uniquely personal present that he’ll actually enjoy? A...

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Internship Opportunity: Digital Media

Digital Media Internship We, in conjunction with Poppie Enterprises and Fashion Denver, are currently seeking a creative student with a passion for video. This internship will give the selected student opportunity to create video content within the business and...

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Red Ball Recap!

Sunday, November 3rd 2018, Bradley Allen Apparel participated in the 10th Anniversary of Red Ball, making this the 3rd time that Bradley Allen has been featured on the runway. "We always have such a fun time at Red Ball! And to be part of a community event supporting...

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Men’s fall fashion trends

Men's fall fashion trends By Amayas Gonzales Finally autumn, layering and beautiful coats are on the rise and we are excited. Although I am not a man, these trends are popping up in streetwear, GUCCI and even Hermès. I am so excited to see more color in men’s fashion,...

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The Brain behind Armbrust Gym

Dylan Armbrust, Owner of Armbrust Gym Dylan Armbrust is a customer and friend of Bradley Allen Apparel. So, we conducted a few interview questions for Dylan to learn more about his business and how bodybuilding has transformed his life. The Interview Dylan Armbrust...

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Children’s Miracle Night Fashion Show: May 31st

What an absolutely exciting night in store at the Children’s Miracle Night, to be held on May 31st at the Chateaux at Fox Meadow. The show will benefit Children’s Miracle Network and Children’s Hospital Colorado and Bradley Allen Physique Tailored Apparel is excited...

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Are You Getting What You Pay For?!

Buying dress clothes can be a daunting task, especially online. I often find myself asking “Will it actually fit?”  “How do I know if its good quality?”  “Will it look like the pictures or not what I’m expecting?”  Having an athletic physique or as I like to call it,...

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Why You Don’t Have to Skip Leg Day!!

37% of Bodybuilders skip leg day.  Now you don’t have to! Grueling leg days are often dreaded. But if they’re not, you’re doing them wrong. Dumbbell lunges, squats, leg presses, those extraneous sets are the yellow brick road to “shredville”. And what about that date...

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How to Style Your Way to Success

Success is born from your style, but what is style? And what's the difference between style and fashion? It's more than just throwing on your favorite tank and shorts, although that's a part of it.   Let me explain a little more.  Fashion: It’s the umbrella of...

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The Muscular Man’s Guide to Las Vegas

Let's talk about Vegas baby! Whether you’re going to Vegas for a competition, a bachelor party, or just a great weekend with the guys, you might need some clothes. Women have it easy, to fit in on the strip, wear all sequins or show some cleavage. For men, it’s not so...

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