Let’s talk about Vegas baby!

Whether you’re going to Vegas for a competition, a bachelor party, or just a great weekend with the guys, you might need some clothes.

Women have it easy, to fit in on the strip, wear all sequins or show some cleavage.

For men, it’s not so easy. Dress up and be uncomfortable and hot or dress down and look like you’ve been up all night (well, maybe you have. But you don’t want to look like it).

What you wear will generally depend on what your plans are while you’re there. If you plan to attend some shows, VIP, or eat at a nice restaurant, you’ll definitely want to pack a suit and tie.
If you’re just in Vegas to gamble and have a good time, a suit is probably not necessary. Instead, you’ll want to prepare for day wear and evening attire.

During the day, it’s typically fine to wear nice jeans, khakis, or longer (Bermuda or cargo) shorts. Day wear can also include a nice (no slogan) T-shirt, collard shirt (like a Polo), or a nice button up shirt like your authentic Bradley Allen. Nice trainers, boat shoes or other semi-casual shoes are a great choice, but you will generally want to avoid open toed shoes like flip flops.

Once the sun goes down, people usually start dressing up. Sometimes, all you need is to switch over to some nicer shoes or change your shirt. If you started your day a bit more casually, however, you’ll probably want to take a quick break from winning roulette all day to change.

You’ll fit in best with some nice, dark jeans, khakis, or a pair of black or blue dress pants. Shirt-wise, you’ll need your authentic Bradley Allen dress shirt, and if you have one that fits, a suit coat or blazer. semi-casual shoes are still fine, or you can step it up with some nicer dress shoes, or trendy oxfords.

The most important thing to remember is to get your sexy on. The easiest way to accomplish that is to wear your authentic Bradley Allen. You’ll look better, feel better, and people will probably mistake you for Dwayne Wade or Tom Brady.